Ultimate Relaxation Massage - 1,5 hour €300

“Turn off your phone and focus only on your pleasure for the next one and half hour".

Ultimate relaxation massage is started with delicate long stroke Californian massage that has several benefits:
-Stress relief due to its long, slow, fluid strokes, improved mental and physical health,
-Relaxation thanks to the longer time as well as the warm oils that are used.
-Improved circulation like in many other massages.

Starting with light massage to the back to reach ultimate relaxation, following with full-length harder body strokes. As the strokes become deeper, the masseuse can then indentify tense parts of the body and then focus on relieving those tensions. After finishing with a wonderful foot massage, the masseuse then will start to excite you by light caressing touches and body-to-body moves and then will turn you face up. With sensual movements and intensely erotic stimulation by using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination. After intense and ecstatic excitement masseuse will give you frontal full body massage for complete relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this heavenly experience.