Divine ecstasy massage - 2 hours €390

When you have two hours to spare you'll be inspired by a gorgeous masseuse to let you focus on full body sensations, gently bringing your mind back to your body in complete relaxation. You can choose to start by sharing a warm bath, to feel your muscles relaxing from warm water that the masseuse pours gently over your body. It is nice way to feel refreshed and energized as a perfect start the massage session. The masseuse will apply oil over your smooth skin. She begins by lathering your back, slips her oily hands over your buttocks. Explore how this sensation feels on your body. Following this your masseusse will perform full body massage, during which the masseuse lies on top of you and slides up and down your whole back body with her body. Then
she will explore the front of your whole body with slow sensual touch. She will use different strokes, rhythums and pressure so you remain in a prolonged orgasmic realm. The vibration through her fingers will feel marvellous. By using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination.
If there is still some time remaining, you can choose to end the session with a gentle face caress and a head massage or shoulder and back massage. Let yourself surrender into deep pleasure and peace.